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Study Reaffirms Screening Mammography’s Centrality in Reducing Breast Cancer Deaths

New research pushes back against suggestions that screening mammography may no longer be a primary factor in decreased breast cancer mortality.

Study: Chemo Plus Hormone Treatment for Breast Cancer Boosts Survival, Fertility

In the final results of a major international clinical trial, women with hormone receptor-negative breast cancer who received a combination of standard chemotherapy and hormone treatment were more likely to become pregnant and enjoyed a better five-year survival rate than patients who received chemotherapy alone.

Fueling the Debate on Mammography for Older Women

Research presented at a meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) adds to existing evidence that women age 75 or older benefit from continued mammography screening, expanding the debate about whether the age recommendations for these screenings should change.

That’s News

Study: Many Women Needlessly Avoid Hormone Therapy

Significant numbers of women for whom hormone therapy (HT) poses little risk stopped undergoing or did not initiate HT based on misinterpretations of a 2002 announcement about safety concerns, new research finds.

The rate of...

Fibrin-based Matrix Spurs Hope for Artificial Ovary Transplantation

A Belgian research team has developed a fibrin matrix that closely resembles human ovarian tissue. The promising result, published in the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics, brings physicians closer to making artificial ovary transplantation an option for fertility preservation following cancer treatment.

Certain Foods Linked to Relief of Side Effects from Breast Cancer Treatment

Diets high in soy and cruciferous vegetables may alleviate some symptoms associated with breast cancer treatments, recent research suggests.

Women’s Health in Profile

Although most American women consider their health good, wide-ranging data paint a more complex picture.

Assessing Depression’s Lingering — and Deadly — Impact

A recently published study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal provides further evidence for the link between mortality and depression, while also suggesting women may be increasingly vulnerable to early death.

Laying the Foundation for New Approaches to Osteoporosis

Recent research published in Nature Medicine found a causal link between senescent cells and osteoporosis development. This finding adds to a growing body of research supporting the use of senolytic agents in treating multiple diseases of aging.

Squaring Peace of Mind with Facts about Double Mastectomy

One in six women with early-stage unilateral breast cancer undergoes double mastectomy even when it is unlikely to provide a survival benefit, according to a recent Jama Surgery study.